About Us

UNBRANDED austin is Central Texas’ superior choice for tattoo modification and removing unwanted tattoos.

Evolving people should not have to be branded with old mistakes.

For many, the ink of a tattoo is an embarrassing reminder of impulsive youth, a sour relationship, a regrettable association, a bygone trend, or perhaps it was just poorly executed.

As an individual evolves, either with societal expectations or just their own, a regrettable mark can hinder the confidence of its host. This  creates blocks – real or imagined, in his/her life goals.

UNBRANDED austin harnesses the combination of the industry’s best laser equipment along with a compassionate nurse manager to employ it.

Clients take the one-to-two year journey to make minor or significant corrections in past elections of tattoos and other cosmetic ink whereby they may unbrand themselves completely or simply make an adjustment for a new image that better suits them.

Alan Pontious, Owner

Alan Pontious is the owner & operator of UNBRANDED Austin, LLC. He’s been a resident of the Austin area since 1993 and a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) since 2009 with most of those years serving in hospice. He received his B.A in Philosophy at Texas A&M University and his  Nursing education from Central Texas College.

Alan likes to paraglide and cruise electric unicycles in his spare time, mixing craft cocktail drinks with friends, and visiting with his extended family up in Cedar Park. Other endeavors are tinkering in the garage and learning new skills on the YouTube.

Dr Brittany Carter, Medical Director