All in

Welcome to my first blog in over 15 years!  Anybody remembers MySpace?  Joke’s on me. I never backed up my blogs and one day they just decided to delete everything. As a result, I’ve been gun-shy about getting back to writing them.

At least my first blog endeavor helped get me introduced to my ex-fiance in 2006. No regerts there.  Speaking of “no regerts”,  right now Unbranded Austin is promoting First Session FREE for all new clients.  Just enter your information in the contact sheet, or better yet, fill out the new quiz my web guy Shervin and I put together.  Ok, ok, it’s not exactly a “quiz”, but it’s really fast like one (“quiz” sounds quicker than “questionnaire”, and less pretentious). Very short and easy questions to save you time over the course of the consultation.

Anyway, I opened my doors after the start of the year and business has been picking up steadily and in a way that helps me to process the demands of the market without being too overwhelmed. As hard as it can be, I’m grateful to have not encountered instant success.  The struggle has given me meaning in the endeavors and I couldn’t be happier.

In my clinic, I employ a state-of-the-art Astanza Duality laser tattoo removal machine, a high power Q-switched Nd:YAG laser that produces ultra-short pulses to shatter pigment trapped deep in the skin’s dermis layer while leaving the outer epidermis unharmed.  To help numb the skin, I use a Zimmer Cryo 6 Chiller machine which blows sub-freezing air onto the skin surface out of a hose.  I am also considering other numbing agents to help ameliorate our more sensitive clients.

I’m very excited to be starting up this endeavor, transitioning from my role as a hospice nurse (which I still do on a part-time basis) into a role that empowers me to be 100% responsible for my success. Being a nurse is part of the gig. Although unnecessary, I operate under my nursing license, which makes me a better caregiver with my clients. For right now, I am the sole employee of my company and someday I hope to expand just enough to employ one other person to help with seeing clients while I manage the marketing and intake.

Marketing? Never cared for it but that doesn’t matter now because I’m all in.  There’s no getting away from it. Hustling is part of the game. Google Ads can only do so much. I have to be innovative with my fliers, IG posts (UnbrandedATX), and keep them in good taste which can be a challenge for me.  Hitting the pavement is something I have to do as well. Which is why I don’t see clients on Tuesdays.  I usually try to introduce myself to military recruiters, tattoo artists, and laser spa professionals because they often have clients/candidates in need of laser tattoo removal.  Face-to-face encounters doing sales is not one of my favorite things but I grow more confident each time as I know I have something of value for them. It’s been an opportunity for personal growth and so far it hasn’t been half-bad.

It’s really quite sobering to know that you’re responsible for your successes and failures. Nothing quite like that feeling to embolden your competitiveness.  Something to be said for that.  Then you know you can’t be doing anything half-assed.

Anyway, I’ve got lots to express about my new endeavor as a business owner. Something to save for next time. Thanks for checking in!