Structure Fire Disrupts Tattoo Removal Services

On the evening of October 4th, the property where UNBRANDED Austin is located had incurred a major structure fire on its attached southeast building that was being renovated for the management to move into at the end of the year.  While I haven’t been told the official cause of the fire, we think it was related to the remodeling work that was going on that day.

The Austin Fire Department Station #19 is just less than a thousand feet away so the response time was swift and they had plenty of support from nearby stations as well. There must have been eight or more engines and more than 60 personnel whose efforts successfully kept the fire isolated to the attached building which was almost completely destroyed.

Fortunately, none of the occupied suites were burned but sadly the abridging suite which houses a quiet law office was heavily damaged from smoke and water causing them to have to permanently vacate.

Male nurse stands in dark fire-damaged treatment room.
Not ACTUALLY the treatment room.

The property owner/manager Miller-Gray spared no moment or effort in immediately consulting with city and infrastructure entities and hiring remediation crews to remove the smoke and water damage that affected the main building (where UNBRANDED Austin is located).  Rachel and Dale Gray have been working tirelessly around the clock since then, coordinating HVAC and cleaning crews to get the main building back up and running again and updating the tenants.

It’s been almost three weeks now. I’m very grateful to all the people and alignments of the universe that helped to save my business. All the other tenants have been able to adapt to some degree or another, working from home or temporarily relocating. I’m grateful to the Austin Fire Department for their fast and effective response crews in containing the fire, Rachel & Dale Gray for their thoroughness in getting the property remediated, and to you, my clients, for your understanding and flexibility while I try to get everyone rescheduled.

We’re not out of the woods yet, so please be patient with me as I may need to reschedule some of you until the HVAC ductwork is completely renovated.

See AFD’s Twitter post on the blaze