Grand Opening Anniversary – A moment of gratitude

This month marks my one year anniversary of my Grand Opening. It’s been quite the learning experience for 2021. I took the plunge to start a business in late 2020 amid the Covid pandemic and never having operated a business in my life. The expense-to-revenue ratio hadn’t been as favorable as I’d hoped during 2021 and nearly spent all of my personal collateral to keep the lights on while working part-time in Hospice and other side gigs.

However, I’ve kept the faith and persevered through continually following up with all of my leads, hitting the pavement at local tattoo shops and spas, and building a solid reputation here in ATX. Keeping the vision is harder than it sounds, especially when a vision of failure looms so much more clearly.

Finally, this month has indicated a very positive uptick of traction for me, with a small windfall of new clients and record-number bookings.  Lots of these bookings have been loyal clients who have entrusted me with their treatment for most of the past year and it’s really been wonderful to see them return.

I’m truly grateful to everyone who’s supported Unbranded Austin – Laser Tattoo Removal.  I wish I could be more eloquent about it but that’s all there really is to say about it.  Thank you, all!