Meet George Jetson!

Did you know that 2022 is the year that George Jetson is expected to be born? That’s right, according to the archives, the 40 year-old futuristic head-of-household lived his adventures mainly during 2062 so this is the year he’s expected to come into the world. Some ‘Jet-heads’ argue that this is the actual week of his birthday (even though the exact date is open to interpretation).

At UNBRANDED Austin we’re celebrating that beloved avatar of futuristic progress that was propped up during simpler times of steely-eyed rocket men with eyes on the horizon for futuristic endeavors of space travel, flying cars, stratosphere lounges, Artificial Intelligence, and other fantastic technological marvels.

We may not have the first flying family sedan by 2062 but we’re continually finding new ways to achieve beautification whether by landscape architecture or personal modifications, including the latest advances in LASER technology that can help undo mistakes of a youthful exuberance.

George Jetson and his peers may acquire their share of tattoos after high school but UNBRANDED Ausitn will be there to give George a clean slate by the time his pilot episode debuts!

To celebrate, UNBRANDED is discounting first time laser sessions for new clients, so be sure to mention this announcement when making your inquiry!

Happy Birthday, George!